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Years Of Experience

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We are an effective and reliable manufacturer

Welcome to First Beauty Packing Industry, where we will introduce the production workshop.
We have 3400 square meters of injection molding workshop, and equipped with 30 sets of automatic injection molding machines, mainly responsible for the production of product accessories, after injection molding, each accessory is inspected by workers one by one and then row of foam wave board to be assembled.
We have 3400 square meters printing and spraying workshop, which can customize the color, logo of the products, the production process will be specially proofread the appearance of the pattern, check one by one whether the color, text, etc. is within the specified range, negative ion dust removal will be done before packing, and then packed in small bags independently. Finally packaged in cartons.

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We have professional laboratory

Product assembly is completed in the clean room, workers are uniformly dressed and enter the assembly line workshop after dusting the whole body. During the assembly period, we orderly proceed according to the product parts, and during the process, we have special QC to check the product quality, and after the assembly is finished, the dust collector is in charge of picking and packing layers after row of wave board.

We have professional laboratory for QC staff to conduct vacuum test, cap, actuator,pulling force test and color difference inspection at any time.

Before shipment, cargos are all in our warehouse system, we have over 2100 square meters warehouse. We will pack the goods by pallets with stretched film to make sure the goods will not be damaged during shipping.

Hope with our excellent service, rich experience in the industry and excellent product quality, we will provide professional solutions for our customers.

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