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Years Of Experience

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We take pride in being an effective and reliable manufacturer.

Injection Molding Workshop:

•Size: 3400 square meters
•Equipment: 30 sets of automatic injection molding machines
•Responsibilities: Production of product accessories
•Inspection: Each accessory is inspected individually by workers
•Assembly: After inspection, the accessories are arranged on foam wave boards for assembly

Printing and Spraying Workshop:

•Size: 3400 square meters
•Customization: Capable of customizing the color and logo of products
•Production Process: Special attention is given to proofreading the appearance of patterns
•Quality Check: Each product is checked individually for color, text, etc., ensuring it falls within the specified range
•Negative Ion Dust Removal: Negative ion dust removal is performed before packing
•Packaging: Products are packed in small bags independently, and then placed in cartons

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"We are a manufacturer with a professional laboratory and a commitment to exceptional quality."

At our facility, we have a dedicated professional laboratory where our Quality Control (QC) staff conducts rigorous tests to ensure the highest product standards. Our laboratory is equipped to perform various tests, including vacuum tests, cap and actuator examinations, pulling force tests, and color difference inspections. This allows us to continuously monitor and maintain the quality of our products.

Product assembly takes place in our clean room, where workers undergo thorough dusting and dress in uniform attire before entering the assembly line workshop. This controlled environment ensures that the assembly process remains free from contaminants. We follow an orderly procedure, carefully assembling products according to the specific parts required. Throughout the assembly process, our dedicated QC team conducts regular checks to verify product quality.

Once assembly is complete, our dust collector meticulously organizes the products, packing them layer by layer on wave boards. This ensures the products are well-protected and ready for the next stage. We have a spacious warehouse spanning over 2100 square meters, where all our goods are stored before shipment. This warehouse system allows us to efficiently manage inventory and maintain a smooth order fulfillment process. To safeguard the goods during shipping, we pack them on pallets and secure them with stretch film, minimizing the risk of damage.

With our focus on excellent service, extensive industry experience, and unwavering commitment to product quality, we are dedicated to providing professional solutions to our customers. We strive to exceed expectations and ensure that our customers receive top-notch products that meet their specific requirements.

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