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Lipstick Tube

What is a Lipstick Tube?
A lipstick tube is a cylindrical-shaped device that usually is made of either metal or plastic. The base of the tube is typically twisted by hand to push the lipstick up and out so that it can be applied to the lips. After applying, turning the base of the tube in the opposite direction usually pulls the lipstick back inside. There typically is a cap that is placed on top of the tube to protect the open end of the lipstick from damage. Lipstick tubes generally are small enough to fit inside a purse or makeup bag, which can make it easy for people to take with them to reapply lipstick as needed.
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Our Lipstick Tube Advantage


Made of high quality aluminium or plastic materials,durable, non-toxic, safe and also eco-friendly.


Easy to carry. You can bring it inside your cosmetic bag, it’s ideal for travel and business trips.


Smooth application, and twist up/down, very easy and convenient to use.


Many different patterns are available for you to choose.Different styles bring you different moods.

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Lipstick Tube


What about our Lipstick Tube

If you want to order a lipstick container, we are very happy to introduce you an aluminum lipstick tube. Compared to plastic tubes, aluminum tube packaging has more texture and luster, which is more conducive to shaping the brand image. Aluminum materials are also easier to print and color, and can print various patterns or contents in lipstick tube packaging to attract customers’ attention and reflect product differentiation, helping your lipstick brand stand out. Compared with other packaging manufacturers, the order quantity of the empty lipstick tubes we provide is flexible, and the minimum order quantity is 5000pcs, which is especially suitable for start-up brands. Of course, our factory with a production capacity of millions of lipstick tubes per month. Provide more types of printed empty lipstick tubes wholesale, welcome to contact us at any time, will provide you with cost-effective packaging solutions.

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    No, we have a variety of sizes to choose, please contact us for more details.

    For cold filling, it needs to be filled in special mold!

    Yes, it can be disinfected by alcohol or UV light. Hot water disinfection is not advisable.

    We also offer paper boxes for lipstick tubes with custom printing and logo.

    Yes, we have bamboo style, aluminum style, magnet style, plastic style and paper style.



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